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New Mi Note 2 Leak Shows Dual Curved 3D Glasses and 128GB Storage

by Habeeb Onawole 12

Xiaomi has an event coming up on the 25th of August in Beijing and rumours say it is the launch for a new Xiaomi phone(s) and or watch. Some say it is the launch of the Redmi 4 which will come with a Snapdragon 625 others say it is for the Mi Note 2, yet another source says the company will be launching its first smartwatch this month. Whatever device launches on August 25, we will let you know.

Mi Note 2 render

Weibo user @KJuma has posted an image of Mi Note 2 that has dual curved 3D glasses. This version however has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of built-in storage. It also features a Snapdragon 821 SoC, a 5.5” OLED display, a home button/fingerprint scanner and dual cameras.

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Pricing rumours say this 128GB version will cost 2799 yuan ($423) and the 64GB version with the same amount of RAM and same chip will cost 2499 Yuan ($377).

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  • Adam Nazifi

    I Think the prise will be much higher

    • Ionut Johnny

      Let’s dream.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    i want ONE !

  • Ionut Johnny

    If this is the true price I will preorder it when it will show up on reseller, I can’t wait more, I will see the reviews after.

  • Algates

    This will be my next mobile no matter what the price will be……;-)

    • Ionut Johnny


  • #woulddo

  • Öysan Kulbay

    Probably no European basebands in this release aswell. They just need to add 1 more baseband and they’ll make tons of money from Europe. But noooooooooo let’s stick to 1/3/7 like retards.

    Probably gonna be my new phone as well 😛

  • M E

    We need 5.7 inches.

  • SlayerM .

    I think it’s @KJurna not @KJuma

  • Alex

    The 64GB version will probably cost $500+ in my country. Same thing happened when the Mi5 was released.

  • Paulo Duarte

    Hope this will make mi note pro cheaper 🙂