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Xiaomi Redmi 4 Images and Specs Appears on TENAA: FHD, 3GB RAM & 699 Yuan ($105) Price

by Habeeb Onawole 15

The Redmi 4 was expected to launch alongside the Redmi Note 4 but it didn’t. It seems it’s launch is near as images have shown up on TENAA’s website.

Redmi 4

The Redmi 4 appears to look more like a small sized Redmi Note 4, although it doesn’t seem to have that curve of the Note 4. It doesn’t seem like Xiaomi has any plans of changing the design of the capacitive buttons, so that remains the same. The speaker on the Redmi 4 has been removed from the back and will now be at the bottom flanking the charging port.

Redmi 4 3

At the back, there is a fingerprint scanner below the rear camera which has the LED flash sitting on the left. The Mi logo sits a few inches from the antenna line at the base. Volume rocker and power buttons are still on the right and the SIM tray is on the left.

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Specifications of the Redmi includes 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a Full HD display which a lot of people are excited about considering its 699 Yuan ($105) price tag. The processor is clocked at 1.8 GHz which some have predicted to be the Helio P10. Though some say it is the Snapdragon 625. If it does come with a Helio P10 chip, trust Xiaomi to release a version with a SD 625 chip as well and tag it as the Redmi 4 Pro.

The Redmi 4 Pro will launch with MIUI 8 based on Android 6.0.1. There is no news on release date yet, but we believe it will get an official release soon.

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  • Muhammad Yasir


  • Vishal Giri

    great device from Xiaomi!!

  • Rob

    Yet another piece of crap from Xiaomi, will they ever release something worth owning???

    • José Rodrigues


      mi 5 is a piece of genius so you are wrong

      redmi note 3 is great

      mi note pro is still very powerful, if you buy it now, the other companies only have a few better, but always at an higher price

      mi note 2 WILL BE GREAT I HOPE

      MIUI is great, the only good alternative is stock rom, miui destroys the samsung touchwiz, and lg UI

      If you are a tech person you will now that you have the latest miui 7 and 8, for devices from more than 3 years ago (more than i ever had with samsung and lg at the same price)

      And MIUI global beta is the perfect thing for an linux user (the update cycle and foruns are perfect)

      The only bad thing IS FOR AMERICANS, were the gps is not good, but in EUROPE is great, the 4G works very well and GPS is perfect

      Xiaomi is my favourite brand

      you shhould never , but never buy in gearbest and oppormart, and honorbuy

      because they use their own rom…without updates

      • Kirk

        THX for your overview! 🙂

  • Jin

    Will they release a global edition :O

  • yoselife

    gorilla glass 3 or above and FM radio
    if Xiaomi wants to get into the US market, gorilla glass 3 or above is a must
    and Xiaomi has Mi Pay but they dont add NFC

    who decide about the specs of Xiaomi phones, he should get fired

    • ivan petrov

      dude all their phones have glass on par with gorilla, it’s just not branded.

  • Muhammad Yasir


    but banned in Pakistan :/

    WTAF !

    • Beloved Chairman Lei Jun

      Why banned?

      • Muhammad Yasir

        Please read these 2 articles :

        propakistani .pk/2016/08/02/pta-bans-sale-of-xiaomi-smartphones-in-pakistan/

        propakistani .pk/2016/08/04/here-is-the-real-reason-behind-ptas-ban-on-xiaomi-phones-in-pakistan/

        be sure to remove spaces b/w the ‘propakistan’ and the ‘.pk’ terms to browse to the articles !

      • Muhammad Yasir

        read them articles in order

        i.e read the top one FIRST and then the SECOND one , you’ll truly understand the reason then…

  • sagar_dx

    great design same as note 4 just one question and it could greatest budget smartphone will this phone have oled display??

  • hamaidx

    Looks a lot crappier than all of your previous phones… Change the damn design please… this is not appealing but is appalling !!

  • Hold out for the Pro version, SD625 is a much better SoC – better battery life, much better 3D performnace and GPS.