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iPhone 7 AnTuTu Benchmark Score Reveals Stunning Power of A10 Chipset

by Jed John 9

Apple iPhone 7 has appeared on AnTuTu benchmark, posting a score that could be classified as a stunner to say the least. One major feature of the iPhone 7, launched last week in the US, is the new A10 Fusion chip, that the device alongside the dual-camera packing iPhone 7 Plus feature.

iPhone 7 AnTuTu

The iPhone 7 scored a total of 178397 points on AnTuTu benchmark, to dwarf the AnTuTu scores of previous Apple chips. The closest to the iPhone 7 score is that of the iPad Pro which scored 177266 points when it hit AnTuTu back then.

Apple iPhone 7 AnTuTu Benchmark score

On the sub-score, the single-core performance and GPU performance reveals the outstanding performance of the new A10 chip. The quad-core A10 Fusion chip on the new Apple flagship comes along with 3.3 billion transistors and there is no need telling why the new chip in the block is said to be 40% faster than the previous A9 chips.

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This AnTuTu posting at least gives Apple fans something to cheer about, after the barrage of criticism the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have faced in these early days for lacking tangible innovations, big enough to justify their sky-high price tags. No other chip from rival chip makers have come close, not even the flagship SD 821. Perhaps the Snapdragon 830 chip expected next year could rival the Apple A10 but for now, it is in a class of its own.

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  • It`s an absolute monster. This definitely comes to a PC class performanse.

    • Assefa Hanson

      But what’s the point on ios this power will never be utilized

    • xploratorul

      Nope, still way behind PC power processing.

  • greg

    It doesn´t really matter , next year Qualcomm will be ahead again just like each year, and even sd820 gives more than enough power today at just a third of the price (OP3) than this insanely overpriced thing

    • Nam Dang

      Uhhm, last year was SD810 vs A9 and this year is SD820/821 against A10.
      Even the A9 beats the SD820 in certain areas.
      At a third of the price? This means you’re comparing to an iPhone 7 Plus with 256GB ROM, dual camera lenses and superior specs (except RAM).

      • greg

        I´m comparing the 820/821 with the A9 and the the 830 will compete with the A10 since apple release their newest SoC late each year , the A9 is better than the 820 ? , In what areas? , a Mi5, LeMax 2 or ZuK Z2 Pro (all with 128 GB) are ALL cheaper even than an Iphone 6S with 16GB , so please, theres no argument to buy a super overpriced phone for Apple over some of these excellent choices and for the 256GB don´t worry a couple of companies will release some updated models with that storage ,and next year when the 830 releases with 256 GB in some device, qualcomm will be ahead of apple again like always

        • Nam Dang

          Hmm interesting, all you say is Qualcomm chips are better, because they are cheaper lol
          Compare the A10 with SD821 – they are releasee at similar time.
          Look at benchmarks and you can tell the difference.
          It’s the Multicore scores where Apple processors suffer since they are only dual core – which has changed with the A10.
          Nearly every Android tech site or YT channel are respecting Apple when it comes to their crazy performance.
          But well, even a SD625 is enough for fast real life performance.
          Btw according to you there is also no reason to buy LG, Samsung, HTC, etc. flagships, right?
          Mi5 has no LTE band 20, Le Max2 has a disappointing camera, Zuk also and mostly: reselling prices are high and after sale service is no match to big players.