iPhone 8 Details Leaked: There Might Be No iPhone 7s

by Habeeb Onawole 0

While we are still waiting for the release of the iPhone 7s (Seven S), industry analyst, Sun Changxu revealed details of next year’s iPhone 8 (if it gets called that) on Weibo.

iphone 8 rumors analyst

Changxu says that the iPhone 8 will see an autumn release next year and will feature a processor (most likely A11) built using TSMC’s 10nm  process. An important part of the leak is the move to OLED displays which will be supplied by Samsung. Apple has always used LCD screens in all its phones, so the change to OLED is a big development.


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While the next iPhone should actually be named the iPhone 7s (seven S) based on the tradition at Apple, the company might not be following that route any longer as next year marks the 10th year anniversary of the first iPhone. So a new model name might be the right step to mark the milestone. Plus the S-models are usually just incremental upgrades.