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Xiaomi Mi 5S Antutu Score Revealed: Trumps LeEco Le Pro 3

by Habeeb Onawole 14

The first time the Mi 5S showed up on Antutu we didn’t  get a score, just a bunch of details like the android version, the type of processor, GPU, and screen resolution. The reason might be because the phone wasn’t well optimised yet or Xiaomi was just bidding its time.

Today, the Xiaomi Mi 5S’ Antutu score was released online. The Mi 5S scored a whooping 164002 points, overtaking LeEco’s Le Pro 3 which used to be the former champion with a score of 163594.



The way I see it, Xiaomi’s rival is LeEco not Huawei or Vivo or OPPO. LeEco has thrown a few punches already with the launch of the Cool1 which is the only contender capable of challenging Xiaomi’s Redmi Pro and the current pricing of the LeEco Le Max 2 which sells for less than $250. Now the fight has been taken to the flagships.

LeEco announced it’s new flagship device, the LeEco Pro 3 earlier today with some very interesting specs. The phone has a 5.5” FHD display, comes in 4GB and 6GB RAM variants, snapdragon 821 processor and starts at $270. Although there were rumors of a version with 8GB of RAM but nothing like that was announced.

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If all of the rumours of the Xiaomi Mi 5S  turns out to be true, Xiaomi may be the winner here. The Mi 5S has been reported to have a pressure sensitive display, NFC, and an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner hidden under the glass. These features are missing on the LeEco Pro 3. The Mi 5S will also feature a snapdragon 821 SoC and have 6GB RAM and 256GB of storage. All Xiaomi has to do is give it a good price and it’s a knockout!

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  • goodwill

    500 difference is really nothing in real life. Both shows pretty impressive numbers tho.

    • NextHype

      IMHO it would be better to compare CPU / GPU / Memory scores, not the final score which isn’t significant. A difference of 0.3% over final score can be the result of much greater differences in hardware departments and point some significant choices made by phone brands (memory bandwidth, I/O, etc…).

  • Rob

    This is news? They probably ran the benchmark a hundred times to get that score hence why it’s only come out now! It can easily vary a few thousand points between runs so this is complete nonsense.

  • Tommi

    Camera is same bad as on Mi5, Xiaomi could just release 6GB + 128GB + SD821 variant, to reduce cost.

  • Shriram

    Nuh uh! The only reason Xiaomi trumps appleeco is due to the presence of a headphone jack! 😉

    • José Rodrigues

      EUI vs MIUI…is the reason that leEco is losing…

      • NextHype

        EUI vs MIUI ? lets call it a draw ^^ …and flash stock android

        • José Rodrigues

          Xiaomi you can do dualboot….and xiaomi have some of the best features of the market

          • NextHype

            Many Xiaomi fans get out of the Xiaoboat because of the latest MIUI, so I’m not aware of any MIUI superiority over other UI. But you may be right. What are this best features of the market, please ?

      • Karly Johnston

        More like Xiaomi owns Antutu.

  • bro-reac

    See my phone trumps yours by 408 points on Antutu—-uuuuuuu!!!
    Total BS!!!

    • NextHype

      My phone Donald-Trumps yours by 400 votes !
      *BAM!* in your face xD

      • bro-reac

        No wonder that is the word “TRUMP” those antutu comparisons were retarded. Boom-yaami.

  • pc73mi

    But now antutu revealed the last month top 10 and Xiaomi are far away from Le Eco, what happened??