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Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Prototype Surfaces, Curved Display Likely!

by Joe 7

Xiaomi released the two flagship phones, the Xiaomi Mi 5S and the Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus just a week back, however, rumors about new models continue to come in. Earlier today, new images of a Mi smartphone, most likely the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 surfaced on Weibo, revealing a different design than what we had seen for the phone. Some say that it could be the Mi 6 flagship, but it is a bit too early for even the prototypes to emerge, given that the Mi 5S was just launched.

mi note 2 prototype

So, we are assuming this is the upcoming Mi Note 2 phone. The design is different, in the sense, the corners are rounder than other Xiaomi flagships and the overall look of the device is unique to the company’s smartphone lineup. Apart from the Mi logo on the back of the phone, there’s nothing else to confirm that this is a Xiaomi smartphone.


What’s interesting about the phone is that it features a curved screen design. While we can’t verify whether it’s a dual curved edge display or just a normal 2.5D curved display, the front for sure looks good. Further, you have the oblong home button below the display, like the Mi 5 which should come with a fingerprint sensor embedded into it.


Other specs of the Mi Note 2 are expected to be very high-end, much better than the Mi 5S as well. You can read more about that from here.

So, what do you think about this new design?



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  • Manatwork

    Seams that one can handle it quite comfortable because of its rounded edges. I like it!
    But more than that my hopes are to get finally LTE Band 20 and OIS by Xiaomis new flagship. 😉

    • Jasper Cz

      yes and a ceramic backside please

  • princetom

    This isn’t an edge to edge screen, see the last picture

  • Its very Apple-esque

  • Vagelis Minas

    The smartphone size is very small, look carefully the pics 2-3 with the phone in hands, definitely this not the Mi Note 2, more like redmi 4 i thought..

  • Lucas Rodrigues

    You know, there’s a lot in Xiaomi’s World happening this Year. A LOT. Every Single Month. It’s like… too much. I’m thinking to buy the Mi5S but (for my personal taste) it’s uggly, fat and havy and there’s a lot of bezzels going on .

    • Lucas Rodrigues

      But this one is beautiful btw. I like what I see!