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Exclusive: OnePlus 3 Production Could Be Halted, Likely To Make Way For A New Model

by Joe 26

For the past few days, we have been reporting about the shortage in stock of the OnePlus 3 flagship. The company seems to be having a hard time keeping up with the demand for its brand new device, and users are reporting delivery times exceed four to five weeks! Given that this phone has been in the market since June, such late delivery period is simply unacceptable.

oneplus 3

However, the company seems to be working on a solution to this problem. According to one of our supply chain sources, OnePlus is actually going to stop the production of the current OnePlus 3 flagship. He reveals that this move is necessary to make way for a new model, probably going to be called as the OnePlus 3S (or maybe the OnePlus 3 Plus, we are not sure at the moment). Further, he adds that gray version is already out of stock and only the gold version is available right now.


So, why would the company release a new model when the OnePlus 3 is still one of the best value for money phones in the market? Well, he says that the company plans to change the CPU inside, most likely use the newer and faster Snapdragon 821. Further, another reason for releasing a new model could be to shift from AMOLED to LCD panels, as AMOLED supply shortage seems to be one of the big reasons why OnePlus 3 is unable to keep up the production in tune to the demand.

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OnePlus CEO had earlier said that the company wants to focus on just one smartphone this year. But given the supply shortage, it’s possible that the company releases the new OnePlus 3S model and scraps the old one, to make sure that the demand is met timely.

We are not 100% sure about this information, but since it comes from a trusted supply chain source, it’s likely that this information is true. Unfortunately, our source didn’t reveal when the company plans to release this new handset. We will try to get more details soon. Till then, stay tuned to gizmochina for more updates.


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  • Udit

    Switching from AMOLED to LCD is a dick move.

    • Robert Johnson

      It isn’t if you can’t get enough AMOLED supplies. The company loses money if supply is low.

      • Beside all the hype, the OP3 is still a niche device and far away from any sale numbers from Samsung + Co. I can’t believe that Samsung can’t build enough display panels for OnePlus… or they really underestimated the demand and now Samsung has a strong position on the table.

        • balcobomber25

          OnePlus was never meant to be a competitor to “Samsung + Co”. OPPO which owns the majority stake in OnePlus however is a competitor to Samsung.

          OnePlus isn’t Samsung’s only customer for AMOLED panels, they are one of about a dozen. The demand for AMOLED is currently out pacing the supply

          • Adam Irvine

            Samsung should up their supply then considering that Samsung increasingly need as much income as they can possibly get their hands on given the Note 7 fiasco…

          • Robert Johnson

            The main problem with the shortage occurred with the recall of the Note 7 which now appears to be dead in the water. There are other suppliers that OnePlus should seek out. Now that Sharp is owned by Foxconn they should see if they can provide enough quantities.

          • balcobomber25

            Samsung Display is a separate entity from Samsung mobile under the larger Samsung umbrella. The Display unit is turning away customers because the demand for AMOLED is reaching new highs. The problem is there are very few mobile AMOLED manufacturers, compared to the hundreds of LCD manufacturers. Samsung Display is already at peak production.

      • EP_2012

        You’re telling me that Samsung (the manufacturer of their AMOLED panels) can’t supply enough? They’ve got empty assembly lines now that the Note 7 is dead, so they either get panels out to other companies or risk losing more revenue than they already have.

    • balcobomber25

      It’s a move that could get me interested in them.

  • markiz

    So, what about us who are waiting for the phone now, who already ordered? Mine is supposed to ship in 16 days?

    • Joe

      I think all paid orders will be shipped and delivered to customers as usual until the new model is released. So, don’t worry.
      Will try to contact the source if he can reveal any information regarding the release of the new handset.

      • Icetea

        Any news?

      • DroidFreak

        Please find out soon and inform us. Im planning to buy 1+3 but don’t want to get disappointed if 3s releases after few days of my purchase

    • mlgofstone

      my order is said to be the same, i hope its true

  • Adam Irvine

    If this is the case then I’ll be done with OnePlus… OP3 will be an old phone after only owning it for a couple of months…

    And as cheap as it is compared to the competition, I still had to land £309 on it which isn’t a small amount of money to me!

    • balcobomber25

      As long as they keep supporting the OP3 what does it matter? There’s always going to be a more powerful version coming out especially as OnePlus keeps getting bigger.

      • Adam Irvine

        Because their support is pretty damn lacklustre now! let alone if they get a ‘higher-up’ device in their portfolio…

        Let’s not forget that the OP3 is still very new…

        I’d be OK with all of this if I spent Redmi Note money but I spent Chinese Flagship money!

        • Meh, so u went for op3? I remember you from other “giz”site, u were waiting for release like for Armagedon 🙂 Now I can say “lucky me” I didn’t buy it. OLED is a no go for me tho.

  • balcobomber25

    I would love to see OnePlus do a Redmi/Redmi Note competitor.

    • Jh1

      I would like to see this as well, but I recall them saying they were done with mid range after the one plus x

      • balcobomber25

        The X was a terrible decision from the start and it wasn’t even midrange it was meant as a “lifestyle” device for people who bought iphone’s. The end result was people still bought iphones.

        • Jh1

          Very true, but I’m still not going to hold my breath on them entering the midrange arena anytime soon. I’d definitely consider them if they did though.

  • Eddy H

    They could just recycle the Samsung note 7 displays…. 😉

  • The Calm Critic

    “This new device was said to be a larger phablet with a 6 inch screen and Snapdragon 821 CPU.”
    I got that excerpt from gsmarena’s piece so yeah keep that salt shaker handy. Performing function here is “new”….If this pans out then I don’t see why current 1+3 owners should get pissed about?

    3 things:-
    1. Unless SD821 really is miles ahead of 820 at overall efficiency, what people should really focus on and scrutinize is the code side of things.

    2. And you really want that larger battery that should come with that 6″ chassis.

    3. If it’s new and larger it’s not a refresh.

    It means committing to live with .5” larger screen estate with the physical dimensions involved. Sounds trivial I know (to me it is) but not a lot of my friends that I know of can easily or even want to scale up when they’re already used to and comfortable with phones they already got.

    I’ve been reading around lately and the general consensus is that 1+3 at least beats out 6P/angler at battery life more than half the time on top of better performance. I honestly think that that should be more than enough to cover your needs for years to come.

  • Beatnkonemn

    I have been waiting for my OnePlus 3 for about 3 weeks now. When i ordered the site said it could take this long and i was ok with that but the fact that it is longer wait time then specified is what bothers me, watching the sites forums and contacting customer service, its almost like idk what to do

    I am very interested in news regarding shipping of the OnePlus 3 As something else is going on.

    It seems something is going on as the graphite version (at the time of my purchase the gold was unavailable) is taking 4 to 5 weeks to get shipped although the gold version when it is in stock people said they got them within a week of purchase, some managed to cancel their order and order the gold version and got their device very quickly.

    So I don’t understand unless they are using the same form factor for the new device and therefore have no graphite available due to the new phone?

    I really hope that isn’t the case as i would be very upset after waiting all this time as I have already paid, with the phone and the case close to $500 USD. So I am conflicted at this point before the end of this month i need to decide to cancel my order or what else

  • RH

    Can’t believe people still follow this crappy “company” that is nothing more than the cheap arm of Oppo. It’s more likely that Oppo needs to build inventory on their more profitable Oppo Find phones, so they’ve stopped making the OnePlus versions. That, and OLED’s are more expensive, and Oppo/OnePlus is too cheap to use them, so out with the OLED and in with the IPS displays…they will come out with a “new” phone that might have the 821 vs the 820 chip and what do you want to bet a HIGHER price.
    People, just stop screwing around with this OnePlus/Oppo garbage and get a real phone. Their support is pretty much ZIP anyway.