Analyst Says Due to AMOLED Display Shortage Affecting OnePlus 3, Buyers Better Wait for OnePlus 3S

by Habeeb Onawole 8

The OnePlus 3 is starting to run out of stock and the blame has been put on a shortage of AMOLED displays. The issue as affected many phones with OLED displays. OPPO for example has another version of the OPPO R9 that uses a LCD display. This was done to prevent the phone from being out of stock.

According to analyst, Pan Jiutang, he thinks since the OnePlus 3 is running out of stock due to low supply of AMOLED displays, buyers should rather wait for a new phone called the OnePlus 3S. It appears the OnePlus 3S will have a LCD display and hence wouldn’t suffer from supply issues.


While the info hasn’t been confirmed yet, we can’t rule out the possibility of that happening as a shortage will cause buyers to consider other options.

OnePlus 3

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Another source, Liuzuo Hu, had earlier reported on the release of a phone called the OnePlus 3S but the question is if the only change coming to the phone is the change in display. OnePlus may decide to also include the new Snapdragon 821 processor and retain all the other features.

Until OnePlus confirms this, please take this with a grain of salt.