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Mediatek Announces Helio P15 SoC: To Succeed Helio P10

by Habeeb Onawole 12

Taiwanese chip maker, Mediatek, announced a new chip today. The new SoC called the Helio P15 is an upgrade to the Helio P10 released last year. The new chip is still built on the same TSMC 28nm HPC+ process and uses the same eight A-53 Cores as the P10. But what’s new about the Helio P15 is what is important.

Helio P15

The new chip has a higher clock speed of 2.2GHz and its Mali-T860 GPU also gets clocked higher at 800MHz compared to the 2.0GHz and 700MHz CPU and GPU clock speeds of the Helio P10. So this new chip offers a 10% increase in performance. However, Mediatek says the P15 offers a more optimal power performance. Mediatek didn’t reveal any new details about the modem, so we are assuming it still remains LTE Cat-6.

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This is the fifth chip following the Helio P20/P25 and Helio X30/X35 that Mediatek has announced in recent months. There is no news yet as to when the chip will be available but expect manufacturers to start announcing new phones in their pipeline that will ship with the processor.

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  • Jeremy Dre

    28nm in 2017, unacceptable MediaTek. Should’ve been at least 20nm.

    • Assefa Hanson

      2017? who and you ar ein this year if the p20 is coming this year i dont see how the p15 wont come out around the same time

      • Jeremy Dre

        Man it’s almost 2017, that’s why I said 2017.

        • Assefa Hanson

          ahh understood

          • Jeremy Dre

            Cool, thanks

  • Tommi

    Better just skip everything else than Helio x35, could be:

    2x 3GHz A73 + 4x 2GHz A35 + 4x 2GHz A35

    Helio x30 will use “IMG 7XTP MT4” which is PowerVR 7XT “Plus”, or atleast seen in pictures.

    But yeah SD830 will be always many steps ahead.

    • quodvadis

      and many Celcius hotter lol

  • Mertinho

    So it matches perfectly with the leaked/rumoured Xiaomi Mi 5C/Meri.

    • goodwill

      Yea, I guess it’ll be using this chipset. Curious about the price tho since it’s MTK

  • Karly Johnston

    I might be interested if they put it on 14nm.

  • Not good enough, as competiton is heating up. A slight clock boost won’t make a real difference.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      EXACTLY my point !