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Xiaomi Mi4 official lanuch

              Xiaomi has finally introduced its newest phone, the Mi 4, to the world. Just as previous reports...
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More High Definition Pictures, Images & Photos of Xiaomi Mi4 Leaked Without Watermark!

The 3 pictures are leaked by a weibo user, he said he had used this phone for several days, it would be to late...
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First hands-on with the Xiaomi Mi4!

From the images above we can see Xiaomi Mi4 became tinier compared to the Xiaomi Mi3. At the same time, Xiaomi Mi4 sports metal frame and there...
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ASUS to replace Intel chip with MTK chip for upcoming 4G ZenFone

Not wanting to miss the 4G wave that has taken over China, ASUS is also preparing to release many new 4G products, one of...
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OnePlus One Bamboo Edition to have 64 GB and cost 2499.99 RMB (402.77 USD)

OnePlus has released more information on their newest release, a OnePlus One phone made of bamboo.   According to OnePlus, the 64 GB limited...
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Lenovo A8′s Images Leaked

Earlier this month, Lenovo released Lenovo A8, which supports Both China Mobile and China Unicom 4G LTE. The model with 2GB RAM only costs 798RMB($140). A8 comes...
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Meizu’s Flashship in 2014—Meizu MX4 Has Metal Frame!

Word came that Mx4′s launch event was expected in Sept. this year. From previously disclosed information, MX4 has a 5.4″ screen in the ratio...
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Xiaomi Mi4′s Real Pictures Leaked On the Posters!

Xiaomi’s annual product launch event will be on tomorrow. This is usually the time to keep secret. However, people leaked Xiaomi Mi4’s posters in...
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OnePlus to release a smart phone made of bamboo

  OnePlus had first signalled that they were going to release a bamboo phone on July 10, when the following message was posted on...
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The Mi 3S GFX Benchmark Test results revealed

Xiaomi will hold a launch event in Beijjing for its new products tomorrow (July 22). In addition to the Mi 4, the benchmark website,...