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HiSense H6, 55 inch Android powered SmartTV

HiSense is now offers a plenty of electronic devices, back on january 2014, we can see the HiSense is showing their new VIDAA series...
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HiSense Sero 8 hit Wallmart with $129 USD

HiSense is the one of Chinese electronic manufacturer is now ready to hit the US market, through their new tablet device, HiSense Sero 8...
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Motorola Moto X+1 picture is leaked, showing with case

Motorola is rumored to preapring the new Android smartphone, Motorola Moto X+1, this phone is the upgrade version from th eprevious model Motorola Moto...
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The ZTE Qingyang 2 4G edition coming soon: Uses octa-core processor, has 2GB RAM and costs about 3000 RMB (481.62 USD)

To compete with the Huawei P7, ZTE revealed their newest 4G flagship phone, the Qingyang 2 4G edition. Recently, photos of the new phone...
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Huawei’s Honor Cube revealed: will use a dual-core dual-processor and cost less than 1500 RMB (240.81 USD)

Huawei’s new flagship phone, the Honor 6, won’t be the only one making the news with its release tomorrow. Huawei will also soon release...
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DOOV’s quad-core S2L to be released around August: has 1.3GHz and can support 4G internet

Reliable sources say that DOOV may choose to release the DOOV S2L in China during the summer break, somewhere in July or August. By...
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Now with four more cores! The octa-core DG650S revealed, costs 300 USD

Doogee has been releasing a lot of new products recently. They have also been releasing enhanced editions of some of their old ones. Not...
Xiaomi MIUI V5
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Third-party services integrated in the Xiaomi Software to Engage Users in their Ecosystem

Xiaomi System has been officially unveiled by the Chinese smart device and mobile service provider Xiaomi. As compared to MIUI, a Facebook Home-like launcher...
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On June 25 and 26, in Lazada Philippines, THL T100s will drop the price to Php 10,599 from T100s to challenge Xiaomi

In the Philippines, on June 25 and 26, 2014, through LAzada, THL Smartphone’s, the exclusive and official distributor will be selling THL T100s Monkey...
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The Motorola Moto X+1 to support 4K video recording

This year, Motorolla plans to release the successor of the Moto X smart phone, the Moto X+1. Information on their newest flagship phone has...