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Detail picture of Lenovo K900 smartphone

After we’ve covered the news about Lenovo flagship smartphone, is now we have a couples picture of Lenovo K900 smartphone. This is the good...
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Lenovo K900 smartphone good sold in China

Lenovo is the one of Chinese electronic manufacturer which built the new Android smartphone, one of the smartphone products from Lenovo is Lenovo K900.
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Lenovo K900 with Intel Dual Core 2GHz Benchmark test.

Some time we had covered the benchmark test of Samsung Galaxy S4. There, it was shown that the Samsung flagship smartphone was able to...
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The Lenovo K900 leaflets appeared in the official website

After we’ve covered the news about the new flagship smartphone Lenovo K900 thats appear on CES 2013, is now we have another interesting news...
Lenovo K900-01
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Lenovo K900 smartphone price exposure for $640 USD

Lenovo has been cooperative with Intel to built the Lenovo K900 smartphone which powered by Intel processor, this is the second-generation smartphone which powered...
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IdeaPhone K900 dual core smartphone beat the other quad-core smartphone on benchmark test

Lenovo IdeaPhone K900 smartphone that does not rely on a quad core processor. This one smart phone uses Intel’s dual-core processor with a speed...
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2GHz Clover Trail + Medfield chipset demo on Lenovo K900 smartphone

Intel has been succesfully built the products mindset for their costumer, at CES 2013 Intel is ready to enter smartphone area with built Clover...
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Lenovo K900 5.5 inch Intel powered smartphone

Lenovo has been trying to steal our attention at CES 2013, while we’ve ever post about their new ultrabook and notebook lineup, is now...