TipsTrick: How to activate Android phone for the first time

by Rosgani 0

Android smartphone is not the same as a normal mobile phone. This is a smart mobile phone that can be used for various activities. When you activating Android phones for the first time, it’s different with ordinary phone.

After you buy a new Android phone, there are some things you should do in order to maximize the functionality of this phone. The following steps are things you can do.
Google Account Setup
The first time you activate the phone, your Android phone will ask Google account setup. You can skip this step, but we recommend you doing this step. This step is very important because your account will be integrated with the application in Google Services and Android Market. In addition, this step would also be very useful when you change to your new Android phone in the future.

Installing Additional Applications
As a smart phone, you should be able to prepare a variety of intelligent applications. Some applications are recommended, among others, is a battery-saving applications, photo editing application, social media apps, e-mail apps, messenger apps and others.

Setting Application
Android is a mobile phone that invites users to always be online. No wonder if there are many useful applications can connect to the internet after, among which include social media applications, email applications and others. These applications will automatically request an update. And of course this will reduce battery life. Therefore, you need to set up the update frequency of application. You can set the frequency according to what you want.