2012 the first 29 weeks of the Android application downloads dynamic

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This week, the list contains a total of Android Market, including 13 third-party applications store and Google Play the official market area data in 12 applications market last week. on the basis of new added from the OPPO NearMe software store application data, this is the first mobile phone manufacturers to provide us with data application store.

The list summarized as follows: 91 Mobile Assistant application exchange billion market, excellent, sweet potatoes, game center, 3G Android market, wood ants and NearMe software stores new to the list relatively more applications and games.

Application exchange of data.
Last week a large number of game list phenomenon, but a return to normal this week, the application number of games is relatively balanced, the week before data Xiaobian mistakenly believe that the application of exchange really want to game market in transition. . In major markets the Tencent several mainstream mobile application downloads are very impressive, especially mobile QQ, and micro-letters occupy the top position of the market micro letter overshadowed the momentum of the mobile phone QQ, which explains the user needs to communicate gradually from online chat to the social field penetration; major market a lot of games to download data also shows that Android users of the game pro-Lai further strengthened, the smart phone is becoming one of the gaming devices of the people.

This week, new to the list APP 123, compared to 28 weeks for the decline in the number (but also in the new plus the premise of an application market), accounting for 35.1 percent of the entire application list, the only application sinks, superior billion market as well as wood ants new to the list the application of more than 10 more than in the data compared to 28 weeks has decreased a lot.

The proportion was 28.3%, which is new to the list 31 games, from the list can be seen no more deserving of this week for download as a masterpiece, like an angry small birds, cut the rope, fruit ninja and several mainstream games is still a frequent visitor to the major markets; this thought the release Rivio before its first non-bird theme game AmazingAlex will be very popular, but not from a third-party market data so, this week AmazingAlex Sohu application center on the list. On the whole, the major markets APP downloads ones, or to apply the class However, because of the sweet potato game centers flagship game APP download it on the number of games accounted for a large proportion.

Ranked from the application point of view, users download the application are mainly social, leisure and entertainment, the proportion of social class used in all major markets was relatively large, Youku video, odd Arts Television and PPTV and other video type applications is also more popular.

From the point of view the classification of the games, user demand for mobile phone games mainly casual and puzzle games, online, business class, and develop mobile games more and more to the marginalization, after all, such time compared to the game to spend a lot more casual puzzle game.

Welcome more applications market to provide data for this site, so this list content has become more substantial and comprehensive: