GIFBoom, free animated GIF apps for Android

by Rosgani 0

The motion picture was chosen for most of the people to be used as a profile photo. Be it on social networks or in different types of forums. These pictures were usually an animated image that has a GIF file format.

If you have an Android phone, you can make a GIF animated picture. you can make your own GIF very easily. There are many applications that you can use. One that you can try is GIFBoom. The application is available for free for Android phones and the iPhone. You can download the application from here –

In this application, you can choose a video from your mobile phone. Furthermore, GIFBoom will change the video into a frame. You can pick up a series of 20 frames that you can choose to create animated GIF animated images. You also can use the option to play both forward GIF files or backward.

The application also provides different types of filters and effects. Among them are black and white, sepia or night vision. You can take a preview GIF images and save them. Furthermore, you can also send pictures through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others.