Unboxing the Lenovo K860 smartphone

by Rosgani 1

After we’ve covered the new Lenovo K860 smartphone before, it’s now time to show you the unboxing the Lenovo K860 Android smartphone.

We all know, Lenovo is the high quality Chinese manufacturer, after they aquisition by IBM and make ThinkPad laptop series, It’s now time for Lenovo to show their ability to offers high-quality smartphone not for just local market but for whole world as a global market.

Lenovo K860 Music Phone using basic packaging outside, but there is a good part inside, since using Samsung Exynos 4412 quad-core processor to powered that smartphone. Unboxing the packaging of five-inch screen almost occupy the entire box, even when K860 sports with 5-inch screen size but those are good phone with better ergonomic design, you can operated the phone with one or both hands.

We can find the waranty, anual book and other hadnset pack inside the box, including battery charger, data cable and headset unit, while battery is place outside the smartphone and apart from the back cover.

The Lenovo K680 battery, powered with 2200 mAh
Lenovo micro charger, is easy to carry even when you slip this charger to your pouch.
USB data cable, transfering media contents or connect to charger
Audio headphone with 3,5mm jack ready to entertain you

The Hardware
Since Lenovo K860 has 5-inch screen size and powered by Samsung Exynos 4412 quad-core processor and the screen is strong enough because using Corning Gorilla Glass material, so this phone has good durability. The Official website has been posting a video about the screen test and this phone’s screen has a scract-resistant.

In the top of the screen, there is 2 megapixel WVGA camera (800 X 480 pixel), you can use as a second camera to capture self potrait or video calling with your friends and there is hidden light sensor to adjust screen brightness automatically.

On the rear body, you can find the 8-megapixel camera and twi LED flash, it’s not a selling point, butu another ability is that phone is pack with Software which can be made for better to take picture with built-in super-camera imaging software.

While the back cover is made from high-quality plastic with anti-slip design when you hold the phone, there is a nice Lenovo Logo on the top-right back body of the phone with nice shiny metal font ‘lenovo’ thats make the logo feel so exclusive and special. And the speaker phone is located in the bottom of rear body.

Lenovo is give the Music Phone jargon to this device, so there is a physical button for increase or decrease the volume, there is 3.5mm port for headphone on top of the body. While the power button is located beside the headphone port is the good design since this phone has a larger screen to avoid to press the power button accidentaly.

On the other side, there is micro USB port for transfering the data or recharge the phone’s battery, It’s better to located micro USB port on the side so the user can see the video while the phone is charging or the data cable attach to the phone.

When you open the back cover, there is a one SIM card slot, one TF-card slot (up to 32GB memory card support) and the battery lid, unfortunately there is no dual-card dual-sim card for this phone, just support WCDMA + GSM network support for data transmission and making a regular call.

Operating Systems

The Lenovo K680 has a nice user interface, since Lenovo pack this phone using Android 4.0.4 operating systems in adition a four leaf design as their propietary user interface called “magic interface” owned by Lenovo. You can set the interface as you wih, there is an option to change your behaviour to use the phone personally.

Camera Feature
While the Lenovo K860 has a Music Phone jargon, that’s not mean this smartphone didn’t have a good quality camera, after we explorer to the camera feature, this phone is perfect match for you to capture the image or taking the nice moment. The 8-megapixel camera is very good enough to take a picture, in addition since Lenovo pack this phone with camera software for optimized the camera ability.

You can take a picture wit less than 0.2 second to find the focus and taking the image is less than 0.3 second. The camera is also has HDR function, so the picture is very sharp rather tahn a blurry picture. And you can take continous shooting is up to 100 picture in one shot. There is a few pre-installed filter too. The interesting point is the built-in photo software in this smartphone has abillity to detect the gender-recognition.

Sample Picture
Sample Picture

System Performance:
Since the Lenovo K860 Music Phone powered by Samsung Exynos 4412 quad-core clocked at 1.4GHz processor and 1GB of RAM, The K860 Music Phone has a good performance, the K860 smartphone can handle 3D-games and HD video through 5-inch with 1280 × 720 pixel screen. You can see the benchmark test result and the screenshot below :

The Lenovo K860 has been making the rounds for a while now. That five-incher’s specs are good for most of user since the “phablet” category is increase today. And Lenovo K860 offers a good quality hardware and performance, you don’t have to worry about the screen since the K860 using Corning Gorilla glass material. The phone is running Android 4.0 and hopefully can upgrade to Android 4.1 OS but the processor is fairly enough to compete with most high-end smartphone on the market today.