Apple added authentication chip to stop third-parties making cheaper versions iPhone 5 accesories

by Rosgani 2

The dock connector may be the only iPhone feature that we know, for sure, recently there have been media said, the the iPhone5 latest 8-pin design new interface built-in hidden “authentication chip” that domestic parts manufacturers can not be arbitrary as in the past produced compatible accessories.

– Authentication chip appears to stop unauthorised cables being used with iPhone
– iPhone 5 owners told not to purchase cheaper cables as it is likely they will not work

According to Tencent Technology is understood, the country has an initial crack he made this certification chip compatible data cable to the market has been unable to crack the rumors may be trying to earn high profits with some cottage manufacturers.

Apple’s vice president of marketing Craig Jos Wei Yake introduced to the community through to an unrelated severity of the improvements: “iPhone 5 will configure all-digital, 8-pin Lightning interfaces.” But Craig no introduction is the Lightning a hidden chip, this chip uses a large number of non-authorized accessories manufacturers products stand in the iPhone5 outside.

Since Apple released the third generation of the iPod music player, the 30-pin interface has become a standard interface. This interface in the iPod, iPhone and iPad the past dynasties products on the biggest advantage: the ability to be connected with the vast majority of peripherals and maintain the stability of data transmission.

Most compatible accessories manufacturers, the biggest advantage of this interface is no need to pay any fees to Apple iOS market you can share the cake, they produce in the market selling cheap data lines and even a variety of external speakers, power and other equipment.

Domestic parts manufacturers an Apple MFI Certified (the apple Company “made for iPhone”, “made for iPod “,”made for iPad” jargon) Artesyn Technologies, said in the past, Apple can not afford to protect the interests of certified parts supplier, MFI certification can not be made more practical benefits, represent the strength of the design and technology of parts production enterprises, consumers often only concerned about whether the product is made only on higher prices to buy the accessories MFI certification.

For Apple, MFI certification and not just Apple terminal accessories quality monitoring, or a lot of money income, according to foreign media reports of MFI certified by only 2% participation in the certification of enterprises not only need to meet Apple of the harsh conditions, to pay the high cost of testing, even if ultimately the MFI certification, Apple will charge about 20% share of the sale of each accessories.

Apple introduced the new interface has undoubtedly become the biggest motivation without MFI certified products use chip technology isolated.

Local manufacturers counterattack
The new interface of Apple authentication chip, the domestic parts manufacturers showing attitude polarization, not part of the technical content of the cottage enterprises expressed despair, insisted that this market has collapsed; deep resources of another part of enterprise has successfully completed the initial crack the chip, and low-key shipping related products.

According to Tencent Technology is understood that, as early as in Apple iPhone 5 listed before, domestic accessories business through different channels to get the technical specifications of Apple’s new interface, and launched a series of crack. A pseudonym Liang practitioners to Tencent Technology introduced at least 3-4 to complete the chip crack based work is no longer the problem of data transfer and charging.

Liang said no stranger to the fact, domestic type certification chip, years ago, including office equipment manufacturers such as Epson, Hewlett-Packard began to join anti-counterfeit chips in the cartridge to prevent domestic production of compatible products and associated supply system (CISS), for these cartridges domestic enterprises, has been years of history, with the original chip battle between Apple security chip technology is not strong enough to make professional company can not crack the degree.

He disclosed that the market has been the product of the high imitation iphone 5 data line, the wholesale price is only 60-80 yuan, while the sale price is 120-180 yuan. In fact, the cost of these products is not too high, but only a few companies to respond to Apple security chip solutions, higher costs related products in the short term will not be lowering the price, especially some of the media claimed that the local manufacturers can not launch iPhone 5 accessories, so now dealers are known to provide their own work package or accessories of the Hong Kong version, a lot of money profits.

Another long been engaged in the Apple plug-in power production industry insiders to Artesyn Technologies, said they have been trying to find through a variety of channels to crack the iPhone 5 interface chip company, want to be able to buy part of the authentication chip, but has not found the source of this made him feel so confused, and even let him think that the so-called crack just a hoax, but to see the compatible products on the market have been shipped, but there is no explaination about that.

Liang predicted that two months later, with the popularity of the technology, the price of the data line is expected to get down to the dozen yuan.

Local industries have wishes “from the good”
Chen Qi is the owner of an Apple iPhone and iPad sound system company, despite rarely seen on their company’s products in the retail market, but many hotels worldwide can see their production supports playback of iPhone / iPod music audio equipment. With many of these companies in the Pearl River Delta, he also did not participate in Apple MFI certification, but iPhone 5 launch, he began to think about joining Apple MFI Certified camp officially is positive way.

He said to Tencent Technology, iPhone 5 Lightning interfaces to let him by surprise, because no one can provide a suitable chip to adapter the Lightning interface, want to crack the lack of technical personnel traveled familiar with the IC provider. The progress of the company’s new development has actually stopped before the data lines and simple data transfer and charging function, the development cycle of the sound system and very difficult, he hopes to develop new products in a more stable rhythm.

Chen Qi is not alone, there are a lot of Apple-compatible accessories manufacturers also have a similar idea. These companies fear largely from unfamiliar piece of authentication chip, which even some doubt future upgrade With iOS, Apple may keep the authentication chip upgrade, then these non-MFI certified enterprise products will continue to fall into consumer complaints, until completely lost markets.

There are still a lot of accessories manufacturers estimate the losses may appear not to join the MFI, to be sure, that the number of Chinese manufacturer to apply for MFI certified is about to usher in rapid growth, especially in the production of expensive Apple peripheral enterprise, is expected in the next period of time, become the main force of the MFI application.