Intel praparing multi-core processor for handheld device in 2013

by Rosgani 0

Intel recently showcased the Motorola RAZR that use the Intel Atom processor with a speed of 2GHz. And, next year, they will provide more features for the Android mobile phone lovers.

Head of Product Marketing Intel, Sumeet Scarves said that next year, Intel will provide other creations to the Android mobile phone users. The first is a plan to provide LTE features.

Intel on mobile phones that have been introduced at this time, there is no LTE feature. In the presence of LTE features, the Intel Android phone is expected to be able to compete with rows of high-end Android phone or iPhone that has supported technology is super-fast internet access.

The second plan, Intel will also make multicore processors. In a statement, Scarves said that they would make a dual core Atom processor. “Our latest generation product is a dual core,” he said. Even so, the processor is a dual core processor with four threads.

There is no information about the exact launching date but it seem, we will find lot’s of high-end device next year, the sound is good fo consumer right?