Robin Li: Baidu Yi mobile operating system 100% compatible with Android

by Rosgani 0

Baidu CEO Robin Li to make a public statement on the Google Ali cloud OS, called “Baidu easy” operating system is in the Android infrastructure development, 100% compatible with Android operating system.

Ali cloud OS is completely different. Robin Li said, the basic architecture and design has been done well before, Baidu totally did not necessarily need to be changed, but Baidu will make it easier for Chinese users improved at the applications level. Robin Li, the first time on the matter to make a public statement.

Previously, Google with Ali cloud OS disturbance caused widespread concern in the outside world. Ali cloud moves in this storm is not brilliant. Google anger to Ali Cloud OS and does not admit that Android camp division; Android application can not be completely compatible with Android ecosystem, will likely lead to a lot of pirated applications; Ali cloud application store.

Lin Bin, former Google China Engineering Research Institute, the Android Chinese district spokesperson also said that “even in the interests of the manufacturer or the company point of view, compatible is also very important to consider the user experience.” Xiaomi also has a mobile OS based on Android system – MIUI.  As Xiaomi president, Lin Bin said MIUI great emphasis on the compatibility of the Android system.

“Lin Bin disclose, the” MIUI does the Android system layers to be modified, but the changes will first consider compatibility. Example, the SDK can increase can not be reduced, otherwise it will lead to some applications can not run. ”

Robin Li, the mobile Internet is very important, Li also revealed that, in addition to talking about the “Baidu easy” operating system, although mobile services account for less than 10% of the company’s revenue, but Baidu or about 25% of the R & D funding to this area.

“As mobile services when Baidu’s main revenue source, I do not know, in no hurry to figure out, because we know that mobile services have much room to grow.” Li said: “For us to find a suitable mobile Internet business model very important, we know that users love mobile Internet, so we need to develop the tools that needed by the user.”