Although it has been blocked by the respective Governments, Facebook & Twitter users in China Growth

by Rosgani 0

The latest report says that the number of Facebook and Twitter users in China increased dramatically. This rapid growth is something ironic, Becaus the Chinese government has been blocked a number of social networking sites.

Reported by SFGate, internet researchers released a report GlobalWebIndex Facebook users in China grew to 63.5 million users in the second quarter of this year.

This number has increased very rapidly compared to 7.9 million users in the two previous years. While Twitter users increase tripled from the year 2009 which is now has 35.5 million active user.

The ban on the social networking service in China seems to be very influential. This is because some sites are blocked in China can be accessed through what is called a service proxy. This service connects users to servers overseas so that they can visit a blocked site.

Currently, China has 513 million Internet users, and is the largest Internet market in the world. Some of the Internet sites that are considered ‘not beneficial to the people’ has indeed been blocked by the country’s government.