Monkey snatched and smashed iPhone’s tourist

by Rosgani 0

A hungry monkey who has taken the iPhone mobile phone one of the tourist who were visiting the Benxi Pingdingshan Monkey Park.

A young man who visited the park was very surprised when a monkey has stolen his iPhone, and the phone has been brought by the hungry monkey, this incident occurred on October 4, 2012 at Benxi Pingdingshan Monkey Park.

Monkey who stole the iPhone was quite large and a man named Chen has been the victim of theft of his iPhone, according to Chen, the monkey was not afraid of being in a crowd, like the monkey was very interesting to be photographed, and when Chen opened his cell phone in order to take pictures of monkeys but unfortunately, shutter sound that comes out of the iPhone that has attracted the attention of a monkey and his iPhone had been got by the monkey and took him to the top of the tree. But fortunately, the phone was later dropped by the monkeys from a height of 10 meters.

And to prevent a similar incident has now Benxi Pingdingshan Monkey Park has changed its security by installing a fence around it.