3 Items will be threatened by iPad Mini

by Rosgani 0

iPad Mini was still a rumor, which is further enhanced by rumors of an announcement dated on October 17, 2012. When Apple announced this device, there are at least 3 products that may be threatened by the iPad Mini.

It is widely heard, iPad Mini has a smaller size than the previous iPad, which is 7.89 inch. Well, that size is a chance Apple will dominate the tablet market in its class.

As quoted from foreign media, a lot of things that can get by iPad Mini to block other product in the market. These are three products is predicted to be threatened by iPad Mini.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD
Kindle Fire HD is a thin tablet with price of USD 200, which has a similar size to the iPad Mini. Kindle is not too popular in outside the US, but this device has another advantage of big name Amazon.

But, lots of people in USA and Canada bought Kindle Fire because Amazon bundling this tablet with a cheaper price. Well, the iPad Mini predictions are sold at a price not much different. Moreover, it is reported, the Apple tablet is targeted for the middle segment.

So, Kindle Fire HD may be the first victim would feel the effects if the iPad Mini. With the cheaper price, can make it easier for Apple to sell iPad Mini.

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook
It can be guessed that the question does arise when the name of the product is called “Is the BlackBerry PlayBook still there?” The answer is yes, the RIM tablet is still on the market. Even the recently announced update its software.

RIM announces PlayBook has sold 130 thousand in the second quarter 2012 – compared to the iPad which sold 17 million in the same time.

iPad Mini is more valuable since has lots of the application ecosystem. App Store certainly has advantages over the PlayBook. This is the selling point of the iPad Mini.

iPod Touch
Yes, you did not misread. It’s true, the iPod Touch is still has a relationship with Apple, this product may be cannibalized by the iPad Mini. It’s not about the device, but rather to provide user experience with a larger screen size.

With the lowest price iPod Touch hsd USD 200 price tag, meaning probably not much different from the iPad Mini. And the iPad Mini is believed to be loved by many user including children.

Moreover the issue, Apple will sell the iPad Mini on November 2, 2012. A great time for shopping in holiday season.