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Goophone I5 Will Come At End Of November

by Shine Wong 7

In my opinion, the Goophone I5 will be the best iPhone 5 clone so far when I have seen the phone, it is almost as same as the original iPhone 5, same super slim 7.6mm body, accurate demensaion, same size button, and even same lightning port. The Goophone will launch the dual-core version phone at first, use the 1GHz MTK MT6577 processor, the quad-core processor version phone will come at next year. And now, there is no news about the price.

More pictures of Goophone I5:

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  • Jonathan

    Those pictures are of a actual iPhone 5, and you know it! Stop tricking people into buying a product that is misrepresented. I bet when people buy these, a totally different and nearly useless device shows up instead. Not like you have a return policy or anything…

  • Truthseeker

    He’s right, that’s not a micro USB connector on the bottom!! This looks fishy.

  • Friedrich

    Photoshop? Well done!

  • Friedrich

    I’m confused, will the first Goophone i5 be the Lite-Version of the i5?

  • jack

    It wóuld be interesting if the volumebuttons will be silber or black. In the early Videos of the Goophone i5 they were still silver.

  • sammi

    where do you buy cases for goophone i5’s?

    • Its an exact copy all iphone 5 cases will work . I have the real iphone 5, I bought Goophone I5 just to check it out all the hype about it. You can’t tell the difference except for the Goophone logo instead of the Apple logo. This is a good prepaid phone if you don’t want to get into a 2 year contract. Actually a lot better then those prepaid phones you would buy on the shelves. Not bad for copy, even the people at the apple store couldn’t tell the difference until they messed with it and saw the Google play store on it.