Ginwave GNote 2 with 5.3 inch screen size

by Rosgani 1

While the larger screen smartphone becomeing more popular since 2012, and many smartphone manufacturer is now trying to offers larger screen for their products. While the next year’s smartphone screen size will be in line to the Tablet PC will no longer belong to about 5.0 inches screen large-screen products. Although we do not really know next year whether the popularity of large-screen smart phone, currently about 5 inches screen smart phones is still relatively small.

Today we found the doemstic manufacturer, The Ginwave GNote 2 just like with a 5.3 inch screen smartphone, this phone is a new upgraded version of the previous generation from Ginwave, in the continuation of a the GNote classic original handwriting recognition, many business utility functions will need this feature, in adition GNote2 hardware specifications have been greatly enhanced.

The GNote 2 come with strong design with square appearance, this smartphone look elegance and bold for mobile user, with black big screen and white body and therefore looks the whole phone border very narrow, up and down the border looks very compact.

The fuselage back all Gnote2 covered with white color, the top of the camera, as well as fill more light, middle identification Ginwave, the far side is a long strip of speaker panel. The entire body is clean, simple and elegant, full of white-collar with 151x79x10mm body size can be considered in a number of large-screen and slim.

This phone powered by MediaTek MTK6577dual-core processor, packs with 5.3-inch full lamination screen resolution of 960 x 540 pixel, and is equipped with a unique electromagnetic screen dual touch capacitive screen. Sports with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of ROM combination, while has the 2 megapixel front facing camera and 8 megapixel rear facing camera support for HD recording capabilities. Powered by 2750 mAh battery capacity.

The biggest characteristics of GNote2 than is equipped with an electromagnetic pen without charge, phone electromagnetic screen on the original handwriting book for business people, personalized writing to handwriting a very practical. Ginwave GNote 2 mainly for business people, the phone also built many business functions and let your work even more powerful, the price aspects official offer for 2399 yuan.