Ronben Launched 10.1”Dual Core ComboTab

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10.1" IPS tablet PC
10.1″ IPS 1280x800pixel tablet PC


Ronben, a local OEM manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, has launched a 10.1”ComboTab, featuring dual core with IPS panel and coupled bluetooth keyboard in Nov. The elegant design grabs attention from savvy buyers.


High Resolution:
10.1” IPS panel with 1280x800pixel resolution brings a more eye-friendly display. A dual core 1.5Ghz CPU, and 1080p video decoding GPU, undoubtedly matches such a display resolution perfectly.


10.1" HD 1280x800pixel IPS display tablet PC
10.1″ IPS tablet PC with 1280x800pixel resolution

Elegant design

Aluminum housing with perfectly curved wrapping edge brings both visual and tactual enjoyment for users. Silver grey color with matt finished surface, enabling logo to be laser-engraved, offers flexibility for OEM manufacturing.


10.1" aluminum housing tablet PC
10.1″ aluminum housing tablet PC

What’s more, the frontal 2.0 Mega camera and rear 5.0Mega camera reach expectation of global market.


10.1"inch tablet PC with bluetooth and 5.0 mega camera
10.1″ inch talbet PC with bluetooth and 5.0 mega camera

Combo concept:

This 10.1″ tablet is equipped with coupled bluetooth keyboard, origined from concept of “Combination”.  Look at below pictures.

10.1" tablet PC with bluetooth keyboard android
10.1″ ComboTab

The keyboard works in different ways. It’s a docking station when it props up the tablet with its little bracket. It’s a holder or a protector when it clamps the tablet PC from face side or back side.

10.1" tablet PC bluetooth keyboard
10.1″ tablet PC bluetooth keyboard docking station
10.1" dual core tablet with bluetooth keyboard
10.1″ dual core 1280x800pixel IPS display tablet PC with bluetooth keyboard

It’s said that its 3G version will come in Dec.2012. Let’s keep attention.


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