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Ainol Novo 9 Firewire Unveiled With Retina Screen, Quad-core Processor, 10000mAh Battery

by Shine Wong 8

ainol novo 9 firewire

Recently, with Allwinner A31 and Rockchip RK3188 both quad-core chipset are released, more and more factory have also launched their own keep up the pace of new quad-core tablet. Ainol course not lag behind, a new tablet named Ainol NOVO9 FireWire recently exposure, it is a new quad-core product with retina screen, 2GB RAM, and 10000mAh high capacity battery.

ainol novo9 firewire

Here is the key sepecification of Ainol Novo 9 Firewire:

– 9.7 inch screen, 2048*1536 pixels
– Android Jelly Bean OS (Android 4.1)
– Quad-core Allwinner A31 processor
– 2GB RAM, 16GB storage
– Dual camera, 0.3MP front camera + 5MP rear camera

 Chinese factories have rised their new Android tablet up to new level, expect to get the new Ainol Novo9 Firewire and put review for every reader soon.

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  • hyj


  • kkl

    “Battery: Built-in Lithium Battery: 8000 mAh ( Working time: 4~5 hours ).”


    • AndroidSale

      The battery is 10000mAh, about the working time, would be 6-8 hours

      • kkl

        many tablets on the market with much smaller battery already capable of around 7-9 hours of normal usage. also, A7 core supposed to be more energy efficient than A9 core that most mainstream tablets are using..
        they need to properly integrate HW and software. this is not good at all. what a waste..

        • Tigran

          It gets the same working hours as the 8000mAh tablets, because it has the Retina Screen. Otherwise it would last more.

      • lol

        Only 6-8 with 10000mah battery?

  • james

    wow this is nice i want one

  • O ruim é que não tem bluetooth e GPS.