Lenovo enter the Gameing PC market

by Rosgani 0

Lenovo Erazer

One of Chinese PC manufacturer, Lenovo is officially launched Erazer (Chinese name is “protoss”) brand PC products. This product is targeting for gamer.

Analysts said the weak profit margins of the traditional PC, Lenovo aim is to improve the company’s profitability. Low-margin PC industry has become an open secret in the industry. Precisely because of this, including Lenovo, HP, Dell, PC makers are seeking strategies to adjust or transformation.

The traditional view is that the traditional PC, in particular, the profit of less than $ 5000, has been very weak, enterprise-class market purchases and gaming PC is one of the few high-margin areas.

The market has been a lot of games on the PC, such as Dell Alien series. Lenovo Erazer brand originally owned by German company named Medion, is the company’s high-end gaming consumer PC brand. It is said that Lenovo’s position in the independent sub-brand of equal importance with the ThinkPad, ideaPad, and idea Centre.

Stage, Lenovo has launched the X-series and T-series of the two products, their prices are in the tens of thousands of dollars.