Apple iPhone 5 vulnerable to bend

by Rosgani 3


Is very bad story for Apple fans while we have ever covered this news before, and now we found the new case of Apple iPhone 5 body is bend, yess this is the bad news since Apple using a casing body vulnerable to bend, sigh 🙁

As one of the most popular gadgets, the iPhone 5 turns as the Apple’s latest smartphone more vulnerable crooked / bend than the previous-generation iPhone products.

Apple make the iPhone 5 with a longer size than the previous generation iPhone. In addition it is also thinner body. Secondly it is suspected to be the source why the iPhone 5 is more easily bent than the previous generation iPhone. Even so, despite the crooked turns iPhone 5 still live and operate as shown in the pictures below:

This problem is emerge in some country. One of the most commonly found problems exist in China. So, be careful when carrying long, thin handsets like the iPhone 5. For a while now, we don’t heard from Apple’s response yet according this issue.