HTC M7 packs with 4.7 inch screen, showed by Peter Chou

by Rosgani 0


HTC CEO, Peter Chou has been unveiled the new flagship smartphone from HTC, yess It’s HTC M7 Android smartphone. On the years end party which held today by HTC Peter Chou has show the new HTC M7 in his hand and take a picture with those smartphone.

HTC M7 is the one of HTC flagship smartphone which will be packs with 4,7-inch screen size

HTC M7 will be released on the February 19th of this month at the annual meeting in Taipei Chou show M7, repeatedly shouting slogans at the annual meeting: “M7! M7! M7!.”

Peter Chou took the silver version and a white version of the HTC M7 smartphone, visual as 4.7 inches can see from the video below. And the HTC M7 is available on Black and Silver color. There is no information about the price for now, so we have to wait until it’s release.