Xiaomi Box TV partnership agreement with the iCNTV network.

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As we’all know the Xiaomi is preparing their new Android devices that’s a Xiaomi Box TV. Is now Lei Jun has been unveiled the cooperation with iCNTV Network.

Lei Jun honestly stood on the stage to read a five-minute speech. He announce the partnership with the iCNTV Network, a subsidiary of China Network Television, leads the corporation’s Internet TV efforts and has agreements with prominent TV makers including LG, TCL and Hisense.

No wonder, on November 23 last year, Xiaomi Official Forum announced that the “Xiaomi box on all video application service upgrade, video service opened undetermined time – the real reason not to obtain licenses for the operation of the video content, the distance announced the birth of the “Xiaomi box TV” for only seven days.
Two months later, the the “Xiaomi box” announced and future television reached a strategic cooperation, launched a new  “Xiaomi box” to access the next TV operators in China Internet TV integrated broadcast control platforms, including programs integrated with broadcast control, EPG management system, customer client management system, user management system, billing certification systems and copyright management system will manage all future TV, “Xiaomi box” to provide services to users via Internet TV broadcast control platform integrated.

The biggest problem is waiting for the industry department in officially approved, the Xiaomi box to be approved in three pilot areas of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Changsha marketed. It is reported that the future of TV’s resources more than 500,000 hours of programming, as well as the Olympics, World Cup, European Cup Internet TV rights.

In fact, according to TV chairman of CNTV Wang Wenbin, general manager of introduction, future TV with HD, 3D, family interactive entertainment and other special services, family photo album, video calls, television shopping, multi-screen interactive value-added services, focus.

However, the very different future the “Xiaomi box” has its “pre-existence”. It is reported that, in the future TV be reported to the the SARFT cooperation program, there is no previous Tencent, PPTV, Sohu, China number, Thunder, Phoenix 7 video institutions.

Future television created a unified broadcast control platform, which allows these “boxes” This means that access to this platform “boxes” were almost the same main people are faced with a severe high degree of homogeneity.

It is learned that the current solution is the establishment of the “zone” – such as the future of television, another partner music, as, own “Rocks area” on in future television broadcast control platform, music, as the need to own content uploaded to this area , the music, as the user of the box “to access to these contents.

And the problem is that of Xiaomi is not a content provider, not own film library and copyright content available for the establishment of such a zone.

Supporting role and the entrance
The “Xiaomi box” relevant responsible person said, the the “Xiaomi box” The most important function of Xiaomi phone picture and video through the box to join the TV on.

However, in the eyes of the TV staff in the future, the more important is the future potential of Xiaomi phone applications and games. In addition to e-commerce.

Xiaomi, president Lin Bin, the newspaper said, the Xiaomi phone sold 7.19 million units last year, it is estimated more than 10 million units in 2013. In fact, in 2012, the Xiaomi listed is not so smooth, high-pass yield of the 28-nanometer chip delay less than ideal, Xiaomi 2 launch of the industry that is engaged in marketing means to do “futures”

Lin Bin said, the MIUI users just tens of millions now in MIUI theme market is already open, according to three Xiaomi, split the proportion of 70% of the developers, the developers can own pricing, developers have a monthly income of up to 3000 yuan. In addition, Xiaomi gaming platform, but also this model, there are 4000 variety of games, games revenue can split. Xiaomi App Store downloads has exceeded 200 million. “We try to a pay ecosystems.” Lin Bin said.