China Mobile start 4G commercial trial in Zhejiang Province

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China 4G

As the leader of the fourth-generation mobile communication technology, China Mobile start 4G commercial trial of the first parts of Zhejiang Province, and this trend is expected to continue in the future.

According to the reporter yesterday learned from relevant channels, Guangzhou, Shenzhen City, is expected to relay its commercial trial will be more close to the commercial level. Zhejiang Mobile earlier this month formally announced full commercial trial launch 4G services in Hangzhou, Wenzhou, open 4G experience activities in Ningbo, which marks the 4G era began.

4G is the fourth generation of mobile communication technology, referred to the technology used by China Mobile TD-LTE, is dominated by the country’s international 4G standard.

Reporter learned from relevant sources, after following the above areas full commercial trial, expected start-up time for the February 28, 2013, the overall outreach program: the first in the main city of Guangzhou, Shenzhen trial in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, follow-up according to the network coverage synchronous expanding range of commercial trial, to pass “4G came 4G big development” signal to the parties.

In comparison, Guangzhou with the 4G business promotion may be more positive. China Mobile staff in Guangzhou has been confirmed that the 4G business process can be handled in the end of February, the specific content and time required to wait for the notification. Shenzhen’s staff only said: “We have not yet received the notification yet.”

It is worth noting that the Guangzhou, Shenzhen 4G trial commercial than before, marketing efforts have improved significantly. First, the introduction of the the smartphone marketing program “, which is the industry interpreted as a commercial thicker. Specific programs: first purchase smartphones for Samsung Galaxy S3, provides only handle 388 global pass packages bundled marketing programs. 4G commercial trial started the other hand, after the Wenzhou and other places to transact business users still need to rely on leasing TD-LTE terminal TD-LTE signal into WiFi signal and again enjoy two 4G Internet packages. From this point of view, the introduction of smart phone marketing campaign initiatives reflects the “commercial trial” actually close to the commercial level.

Secondly, the surge of traffic free experience. The 4G business application for the first three months free use 15GB of traffic and will remind customers before the end of handle Group Company Package or province traffic packages. Free flow of previously promoted in Hangzhou, Wenzhou, 4G commercial trial three months only 10GB offers.

It is understood that China Mobile in Guangzhou and Shenzhen are the first batch scale TD-LTE trial network construction in the city, as of December 2012, Guangzhou has built 3700, Shenzhen 2800 TD-LTE base stations have been built, and basically complete the main city TD-LTE network coverage. Before, China Mobile executives have said, Shenzhen, Guangzhou has basically met the LTE commercial capacity. It is based on this context, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and future commercial trial “highly parties expect.

A large brokerage researcher pointed out that, from mobile pushing 4G determination to look, TD-LTE will long to bring a substantial positive to the communication industry. In the short term, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and future commercial trial is expected to bring a plate for trading opportunities, such as the benefit of large-scale construction of TD-LTE terminal equipment manufacturers and related companies with wireless engineering.

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