The information about ZTE U9810 leaked on the net

by Rosgani 0

ZTE U9810 Info

ZTE is one of Chinese manufacturer which always offers high-quality cheap smartphone for global market, and now they ready to launch their new smartphone product is called ZTE U9810 which packs with 5 inch screen size..

This phone is not yet officially launched by the ZTE. However, the leaks about this phone has appeared on the internet. From the leaked information, this phone seems to have a very interesting specifications.

This phone will come with a 5 inche scren size. This screen does not have full HD resolution, but  720p HD only and the interesting things fro this phone is the memory, since this phone is sports with 4GB of RAM.

Furthermore, this phone will use a dual core processor with a speed of 1.7GHz. And sports with 16GB of ROM. This phone also equipped with 13 megapixel rar-facing camera and running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system.