Ramos Mini Pad, the iPad Mini alternative

by Rosgani 0


Microblogging has become increasingly integrated into our lives recently, the Ramos is also tide a formal announcement in their official microblogging and they unveiled the new tablet called “Mini Pad”.

The Ramos Mini Pad is a new quad-core tablet, which positioning as a portable lightweight tablet devices with narrow border design, this tablet is covered with silver and white color combination thats make very stylish and fresh, and you will falling in love at the first sight.

The Ramos Mini Pad has a 7.85-inch IPS screen (it should be the same specifications with iPad Mini tablet), while the Ramos Mini Pad is powered by a quad-core processor, but the specific model is also unknown. The Ramos Mini Pad has only 8.8mm thickness, just do not know how much battery capacity can reach, but  you  can get this products at Android-sale.com