Yet another review of Samsung Galaxy S 4

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After we’ve covered the review of Samsung Galaxy S 4 from IT68 website, is now we have another review of the latest flagship smartphone form the South Korean Company.

The site that the Galaxy S4 design is the same as the previous generation, people feel outdated and boring. Continue to adopt the plastic housing, but also to the Galaxy S4 feel very cheap. Samsung Galaxy S4 add a large number of functions such as Smart Scroll and touch suspended, but these features may seem innovative, actually flashy, consumers may never actually use.

The following summary of the evaluation:
Various spy and after the first leak, the Samsung Galaxy S4 finally officially released. Galaxy S3 since last year’s release since become the world’s most popular Android phones, selling more than 40 million. Galaxy S4 ability to obtain excellent results predecessors? Samsung Can you give us an amazing feeling to advance into the future?

This morning to get the S4 real machine, after some evaluation, we concluded, Galaxy S4 is perhaps not the phone that you’ve always wanted.

Get the Galaxy S4, the first thing you will notice that it looks exactly like the Galaxy S3. The S4’s screen size upgrade from the previous generation 4.8-inch to 5 inches, but actually in his hand feel smaller. The the Galaxy S4 measurements size 140.1×71.8×7.7mm, slightly narrower and thinner than the S3, but only a little bit high, the weight has also been reduced. Samsung has been able to do this, because the Galaxy S4 with a narrow border design. In general, the basic shape of the Galaxy S4 Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 impressive sales, so Samsung S3’s design can be understood in S4 follows. But to be honest, the same design once again appeared in 2013 on the new machine, it is inevitable to feel stale, outdated and boring. The Galaxy S3 plastic rear case feel very cheap, and this feeling is further amplified in S4, compared especially with competitors anodized metal fashion after the shell. Samsung Galaxy S4 no innovation in terms of appearance, that I do not have the heart to excellent phone on HTC One other exterior design with contrast.

Although the appearance of design in general, but at least 5 inches Full HD Super AMOLED display great effect. This is a resolution up to 1080P display, PPI reached 441. In fact, the phone’s screen display is very clear, and you completely with the naked eye can not distinguish between a pixel. The color display is also very lively, especially green and blue, but this is mainly because the AMOLED screen compared with other display technologies will generally bluish. Black display is very good, the brightness of the screen is bright enough, even in the sun to see the display.
The Galaxy S4 will be equipped with 2G memory and 2600mAh battery storage capacity has 16G, 32G and 64G three options. The phone also has a micro SD card slot, users can expand the storage capacity. Of course, it also supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC functionality. 13 megapixel rear camera, front camera is 2.0 megapixel and supports 720P video chat. Galaxy S4 will also support the highest rate 100/50Mbps the LTE network. It also equipped with the Exynos 5410 Octa eight-core processor, equipped with PowerVR SGX 544 graphics core.
It is quite unexpected, Galaxy S4 is also equipped with an infrared transmitter. This means that the user can use the phone as a remote control, to control the home entertainment system. We really like this feature, because the remote control of the home always find when you need them.

Galaxy S3, Samsung in terms of software can be described under the feet of the martial arts in order to highlight their own product differentiation. Galaxy S4 equipped with the latest Android 4.2.2 system, but the Samsung TouchWiz interface, the user may not be able to see out the Android 4.2 system. Galaxy S4 equipped with a number of innovative features, but many of these functions is not practical.

Smart Scroll: recent rumors, Galaxy S4 can track the eye movements of the user, automatically scroll the page. In practice, however, this feature is still in the experimental stage, Samsung ultimately did not use the feature. In fact, Galaxy S4 tracking the user’s facial movements when user when staring at the screen, the phone will automatically detect and then help the user up or scroll down the page. This feature sounds interesting, but in fact is not very good. Our evaluation of the use of this Galaxy S4 seems to set the reference angle on a fault, even if the user does not want the user to scroll through, it will automatically scroll up or down. If this feature to work okay, but more, this feature is turned on, you will be it from time to time to failure of getting burned.

The Smart Pause: In contrast, Smart Pause feature performance is normal. This feature can automatically pause the video when the user away from the screen. However, it seems hard to imagine the average user really need this feature in what occasions.

S Health: S Health Samsung produced a health monitoring software, able to monitor the number of steps per day walking, stair climbing ladder, and the ambient temperature and humidity. In addition, it can monitor the user’s diet and to estimate the calories burned. You can even purchase optional accessories, the Galaxy S4 monitoring sleep and heart rate. The Fitbit and co. Should be wary. However, I am very curious thing is that this application will not be so greatly reduced battery life.

Suspended Touch: Samsung borrowed Galaxy Note II the suspension technology to the Galaxy S4, allows the user to simply finger close to the screen, do not need to touch the screen can be perceived by the phone. You can finger suspended in the Gallery application to view a preview of the picture, or suspended touch to enlarge some text in the browser. Similarly, you can use gestures to switch browser tab, or skip to the next song songs Note II. This feature is cool, but in the final analysis, it’s useful to be small. The only thing I can think of the benefits, that is, when you eat fried chicken wings, just need to operate the phone, but you do not want to dirty the screen, then suspended touch functionality may come in handy. In addition, suspension-touch function sometimes is not very accurate. Sometimes it will mistakenly identify your intentions to open a function, and sometimes simply can not sensitive to finger movements. At other times, when you do not want to switch browser tabs, it monitored the tiny movements of the fingers, and then switch to the label. Overall, these seemingly innovative features is often a disservice, not only to no effect, and will make people feel a lot of trouble.
Other features: Galaxy S4 built a translator named S Translator application provides speech-to-speech translation function, and with e-mail applications and Samsung ChatOn service integration. Group Play feature allows up to eight devices to share photos and music directly connected to each other through the NFC, and online games. The game is compatible with the function include Asphalt 7 and Gun Bros.. Adapt Display function can be detected when reading large amounts of text, automatically switching the screen background is a dark brown hue to protect the user’s eyes.

Be honest, the new features of the Galaxy S4 is also far more than that, but the vast majority of you will never use features, the biggest problem is the Galaxy S4.
Samsung Galaxy S4 with a new camera application – or Samsung Galaxy Camara the camera interface transplant to the Galaxy S4. This is not a bad thing. In the Galaxy S4, the new pictures camera mode select more intuitive. Samsung Galaxy S4 camera new dual-camera shooting functions, using both the front and rear camera to take pictures to capture the user’s facial movements. Then again, Samsung to show you the phone itself has powerful functions, rather than give you the features you really need.

Galaxy S4 brings some pretty nice accessories. One of the most attractive way to Flip over. This accessory can automatically lights up the display, calls, SMS and date display to the user, allowing the user access to information without having to open the phone.

In addition, S Health applications with a lot of accessories. Including S Band wristbands, it can record the number of steps to walk by the user, to monitor the quality of sleep. The wristband can also synchronize data applications over a wireless network with the S Health. Other optional accessories include scales and heart rate detector can be connected with the phone.

Overall impression
Before the release of the Galaxy S4, the industry have great expectations for this phone, but in the end, Galaxy S4 disappointing. Galaxy S4 does not feel exciting, its configuration is only a slight increase over the previous generation, many new software features are mostly not practical, and even consumers never use. The Galaxy S4 not any surprise it was the place.

My hands during the time of the evaluation, there is another flagship Android phone HTC One. Both devices gave me the feeling is simply a big difference. First, HTC One operation is smoother than the Galaxy S4. Switch the main screen, open the application and take pictures, Galaxy S4 there will always be a little bit delayed, HTC One reaction is amazingly smooth. However, our evaluation using the Galaxy S4 is not the final version, the final listing may also be improved.

But even just from a design perspective, HTC One is far better than Galaxy S4. When you pick up the One, you will feel that you are holding a very high-end product, whether it is working or the screen is true. When you pick up the Galaxy S4, you will feel like holding a slightly modified Galaxy S3.
Before complete evaluation of the end-listed version of the Galaxy S4, we will retain the final conclusion. Galaxy S4 we feel this far ahead of Samsung Android manufacturers mistakes. The launch of the Galaxy S4, will HTC, LG and other manufacturers the opportunity to catch up with Samsung.