Samsung’s most popular smartphone brand into emerging markets

by Rosgani 0


As of the end of January 2013, nearly 130 million U.S. smartphone users, Apple’s share rose steadily, but in the emerging markets, Samsung smartphone popularity is higher. Remove the price factor, the more consumers in emerging markets such as Brazil, India, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia next phone will select Samsung, the proportion reached 32%, the proportion of respondents who would choose to buy Nokia and Apple phones 22 % and 21%, another 10% of the respondents choose to buy BlackBerry.

Upstream of this web-based survey to select the four countries more than 1,000 adult consumers, found that Samsung is the market’s most popular mobile phone brand in Brazil, India and Saudi Arabia, while Nokia is the most popular brand of the Nigerian market, share was 37%.

In contrast, Apple firmly occupy the market of the United States and the United Kingdom. Upstream, about 32% of potential customers will choose the iPhone, and select only 22% of Samsung phones. In four emerging markets of Brazil, India, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, Apple’s highest share of the market is the richest Saudi Arabia, but only a majority of respondents said they are willing to pay the country of more than 450 U.S. dollars to buy a new phone.

Upstream Marc Frey, founder and CEO of Artemis (Marco Vermis), has a close correlation between income and brand affinity. In developed markets, the mobile phone is daily life the essential thing, so the choice of brand is not so important.

Upstream’s report shows, the majority of the respondents of the four emerging markets users regard the mobile phone as the primary communication tool. , Two-thirds of the respondents in Nigeria daily life mainly use mobile phones, laptop users in India up to the proportion of one-third. This finding may be beneficial to Nokia and Blackberry, the highest of the popularity of these two brands in Nigeria. Frey Meath easy login social networking sites and networks are the key factors for consumers like these two phones, and Nokia’s investment in battery life also is popular in Nigeria, a country of supply problem exists .

In addition, second-hand digital products recycling website Gazelle, Asia and Latin America is still the largest area of ​​the demand for second-hand phone, the company said the second-hand market operations in Africa’s largest mobile phone brand Blackberry.

Anthony, the person in charge of the Gazelle chief digital products ska Sierra (Anthony Scarsella), due to the demand of the Galaxy S III as well as the best-selling new Galaxy S IV a substantial increase in demand for the Samsung brand mobile phones worldwide.
Apple is still optimistic about the East Asian markets, especially China, but in the emerging markets do not have a leading edge, which may be the reason prompted Apple plans to launch a low-end iPhone to cater to this type of market users. This change may make the concept of consumption and sale of these markets.