Here is the Picture from Xiaomi event in Beijing

by Rosgani 1

Xiaomi-Launch 04

As we mentioned before, that Xiaomi is held a Big Event in Beijing National Convention Center, on that event Xiaomi is introducing their new products.

And we’ve got a few picture from the event (as you can see the picture after the break). On that event, Xiaomi is introducing of MIUI official version, and also the Xiaomi’s timeline.

Xiaomi-Launch 01

The site China China Telecom and China Unicom network almost collapse, live image returns extremely difficult, so the show official slide later after completion

Xiaomi-Launch 03 Xiaomi-Launch 02

A number of innovations introduced Xiaomi, are certainly in the past three years and even became the focus of attention in the international

Xiaomi has becoming a social contribution the 2012 Xiaomi phone sold a total of 7.19 million, 12.65 billion tax sales.
Xiaomi 2012 tax totaling $ 1.9 billion
Ray introduced their own entrepreneurial experience

The first MIUI system; August 16, 2011, released Xiaomi phone, the first dual-core 1.5G mobile phone; August 16, 2012, the high-pass 28 nm quad-core 1.5G global Xiaomi phone starting.
Who says that the Xiaomi will only pile of hardware?
Lei Jun Xiaomi technology is called a “Triathlon”, that is, hardware, software, Internet services.

Introduced MIUI V5 to redraw the System icon and 1000 commonly used application icons (who reminds you of?); Supports dynamic icons, all icons can be mobilized in the future! Calendar, clock, traffic management, compass, weather, etc. These applications support dynamic display

Commonly used functions of MIUI = 1 desktop system +5 +18 gadget +8 core applications

The wallpaper is the traditional strengths of the Xiaomi phone wallpaper library of hundreds of thousands of wallpaper last Xiaomi create their own wallpaper and eventually launched the following five wallpaper

The Xiaomi announced 100 million collecting a wallpaper shock the audience

MIUI update the phone experience, joined the more intimate details of the function

MIUI system 30 seconds to answer, the ringtones automatically enlarged; pick up the phone ringtone automatically weakened. The missed phone is no longer so easy.

Call recording, call notes, specify a contact recording, T9 search for a contact, update service hotline, piano dial tone and other new features
The MIUI system alone phone features 30 features a number of customized

As for the improvements in the SMS more than 30 improvements, dense wrote a big screen:
SMS Top SMS regularly send private messages, bulk SMS animation, new SMS recent contacts, SMS search, SMS sync, SMS receive / transmit time, SMS Collection, SMS anti-disturb

MIUI camera also significantly improved support voice photos, photo session when a lot of people, panoramic shot chart, adjust ISO, real-time filter, variable speed camera, exposure compensation, the sound of the shutter and auto white balance The features are very professional.

The Xiaomi cloud services are increasingly improved, MIUI cloud services to store 300 million images, two billion text messages a day, 3.5 million new pictures, 20 million text messages.

MIUI between users through the network to send free SMS interface information and pictures. This feature is a lot of rice used it

Began to support the use of the computer send text messages directly

The new version of MIUI provides a richer set of tools:
Flashlight, compass, voice recorder, alarm clock, Network Assistant, calculator, weather, calendar, notes

18 gadgets Reporter essential artifact ”

Able to provide the recording automatically mute, phone messages will not interrupt recording, 7 days (168 hours) continuous recording, Record and save, save directly to MP3 format

Compared to the micro-channel, m talking down under the wind in the middle of the market, but more powerful social features in the new version of MIUI, the first of its kind in meters chat support video walkie-talkie.

MIUI V5 built-in power-saving features extend the standby time twice, the rice flour believe whether?

The smartphone power mainly due to non-standard third-party application development: boot from the start, from time to time to wake up, networking in the background and the new version of MIUI since the launch of the management, network control, alignment wake-up mechanisms and other functions compared to native Android4.1 system , standby time 2 times longer.

MIUI market has been downloaded over 500 million times the average daily downloads of 3.5 million, 20,000 applications, is one of the most active domestic Android Market.
Xiaomi Game Center downloaded 60 million times 1 million daily downloads.

See more reading in 3000 400,000 titles of the 70 publishing houses, more than 30 magazines, carefully selected quality books.

The the MIUI theme library has collected thousands of topics, is the world’s largest mobile phone theme library, 600 million total downloads, download 3.5 million times a day.

The MIUI introduction shall be the end of today, what hardware products did not?

Before the opening of the venue and the background Background section:
Convention Center door admission crowd

Learn multiple broadcast live poor signal result in the delay of experience, mobile, Unicom and other operators of emergency communications vehicles go into battle came to the scene

The main venue is sign admission, designed to be quite dazzling stage

The screen is scrolling Xiaomi bit by bit since the establishment of the third anniversary of the


Before the Xiaomi official website leaked information about the upcoming release of today the Xiaomi 2A/2S products, the former improve performance and improved camera, which completed the original “youth” slimmer change.

Mixer and behind-the-scenes personnel
The site gift: Xiaomi youth poker
A car parked outside do not know what to do

Xiaomi conference broadcast stations, in addition to the management of stage lighting and sound screen will be recorded throughout the whole conference video and published on the web

Ray arrived at the scene

The Xiaomi Mall has been shown to suspend service announcement shows that the recovery in 8:00 tonight, tonight will rush to open Xiaomi new machine: Xiaomi2A and 2S.