Seiki SE50UY04, Ultra HD 40K TV with affordable price

by Rosgani 4


Seiki is the popular electronic manufacturer from China, this manufacturer is very familiar with most consumer in China, and now Seiki is unveiled their new 50 inch Ultra HD 4K TV sets through the Seiki SE50UY04.

Seiki SE50UY04 supports for Ultra High Definition 4K resolution (2160 × 384 pixels) and comes with a built-in video scaler to change the external video source to form 4K resolution. Besides having a 5000:1 contrast ratio, 120Hz refresh rate and 6.5ms response time, the latest 4K Ultra HD TV is also equipped with three HDMI, VGA, RCA, Component, Composite and RCA inputs.

While the price of Sony BRAVIA XBR-55X900A 4K 55-inch TV on the market is priced at $ 4,999 USD. the 50-inch Seiki SE50UY04 only $ 1,499 price tag per unit.

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