BlackBerry 10.2 Leak Shows Off Quick-Reply

by Shine Wong 0

It hasn’t been long since BlackBerry rolled out its 10.1 update for its BlackBerry 10 OS, but details about the platform’s next update are already beginning to surface.

Images showing off BlackBerry 10.2 were leaked onto the CrackBerry forums late yesterday, with two of the exposed new features being quick-reply notifications and Wi-Fi Direct. With quick-reply notifications, users can pull down the notifications tab and view, mute, and respond to them directly from the lock screen, though with which apps this feature will be compatible is still unknown.

The Wi-Fi Direct feature allows users to directly transfer files from one device to another without the use of the cloud. Instead, it essentially creates a peer-to-peer connection that, according to SlashGear, can establish a link to phones, tablets, and even printers.