LG preparing the new Optimus VU 3 to compete with Samsung Galaxy Note 3

by Rosgani 0

LG Optimus VU3

LG is trying to beat Samsung Galaxy Note 2 through the LG Optimus VU 2, it’s seems LG is failed to become the strongest rival for Samsung, but now LG is preparing the new flagship device to compete with Galaxy Note 3, thats the LG Opimus VU 3.

According to leaked picture from Picasa web album, LG has preparing the new LG Optimus VU 3 which has model number LG-F300L, there is a sample picture that’s shoot by LG Optimus VU 3 that has  file name “vu3_vr_panaroma [1]. Jpg”.

LG had decided to ditch the Optimus branding for some of its high end smartphone lineups include the VU Series. The LG Optimus VU 2 will be the last device with the Optimus branding. You can expect the name of the device to be known as LG VU 3.