Oppo is developing camera-centric device named N-Lens

by Rosgani 0


Before now, we’ve ever covered that Oppo Mobile is trying to developing a camera device, but today we’ve got the new information that Oppo is trying to built camera-centric device to challange Samsung Camera.

According to AndroidAuthority, Oppo representative confirmed that the name of Oppo’s new product line is N-Lens. The N-Lens will obviously focus on photography, and it’ll apparently be the “most important flagship series for Oppo going forward.”

On those N-Lens device, Oppo will embed cellular capability but we’re not sure that the device can making a call like a regular phones or not, but the device will running with Android operating system.

For a while now, there is no detail information about this information, but we weill give you the latest information when we got the news from Oppo. So stay tune at GizmoChina.com