There is no Xiaomi event on August 16th

by Rosgani 0


Xiaomi is always doing a big event every August 16th, this is the Xiaomi date event every years, but now the Xiaomi exec’s  lei Jun has post on his microblogging account “There is no Xiaomi event this year, but we will make an online Xiaomi celebration on our website”

While August 16th is the special date for Xiaomi but now you can’t see the new products from Xiaomi, there is no mPad, there is no Xiaomi TV, those device not released this time. But hopefully this is not affect for the Xiaomi fans.

While another executive of Xiaomi Liwan Jiang also said: feedback activities will today publish on the official website of Xiaomi, the conference Well, there are always the others, we slightly more.