The Meizu MX3 memory capacity is exposure

by Rosgani 0


Meizu has already released the new Meizu MX3, but accroding to the leaked picture the new Meizu MX3 will be available in different RAM capacity variation, this also showing another information that the Meizu MX3 for TD_SCDMA has a different specs than a retail version.

While the Meizu MX3 standard version is available with NFC capability and the Meizu MX3 for TD SCDMA network is available without NFC capability, the RAM capacity is available  from 16GB Р128GB. As we mentioned before, the other RAM capacity is available in 128GB is confirmed.

MX3 is divided into Unicom contract version, the mobile TD (to be confirmed) version of the contract; Unicom contract version, the mobile TD (to be confirmed) retail version. ROM capacity is divided into: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, up to 128GB.

Meizu will be on held a press conference in September 2nd at the Water Cube Unified in Beijing.