iPhone 5S and 5C for China Unicom is ready

by Rosgani 0


While we have ever covered the news about the new iPhone 5C will hit Chinese market, it’s seem that news is true and now we have a leaked picture of bunch of iPhone 5C for China Unicom subscribers.

The new iPohone 5S and iPhone 5C for China Unicom has been delivered to China for 100 thousand units and ready to hit in the market on September 20th, 2013. And here are the picture of those phones.

Hello China, the Apples is comiiiiiiiing!!!

AppleiP5SC-01 AppleiP5SC-02 AppleiP5SC-03 AppleiP5SC-04 AppleiP5SC-05 AppleiP5SC-06 AppleiP5SC-07 AppleiP5SC-08 AppleiP5SC-09 AppleiP5SC-10 AppleiP5SC-11 AppleiP5SC-12