Faea Will Launch New Galaxy S4 Clone With Waterproof Feature

by Shine Wong 3

Faea F3

Although Faea is new phone brand (As I known, in fact, this factory has more than 3 years OEM phone manufacturing experience), but their phone is very impressive and made the cheapest NFC phone. Today, we have gotten a picture from official about the next generation phone, there is only a phone like Samsung Galaxy S4, but some water on the phone, and some words: Love you, whatever rain or shine. This picture maybe hint that the new phone has waterproof feature.
We have no more information about this new phone, maybe it will named Faea F3 according to their former model. The phone looks same with Samsung Galaxy S4 or Mega 6.3.

Faea is different with other China phone factory, they make something for user request. They are working with CyanogenMod on a open source project and will release CyanogenMod ROM soon. It will be first Cyanogenmod phone than OPPO N1.

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    It will be first Cyanogenmod phone than OPPO N1.

    you surely meant

    It will be first Cyanogenmod phone even before the OPPO N1.

    Yes, I think so

    It will be the first clean build on a mediatek 6589x core. Meaning they break open the mediatek phones for the west.
    All devs have tried for years without succes. All bloating they ad the mediatek kernel. All lying as they had to admit they had nothing. If Faea pulls this off it will be a legacy achievement.

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