The new headphone speaker has new Thremoacoustic technology

by Rosgani 0

Sound Headphone

The headphone is the one of smartphone or tablet accessories that always using by the user to listening the music, or using for chatting in the phone or phablet device, and now, scientists from Tsinghua University, said the research and development of a new headset.

Regardless of how the price of the headset, there is a common ground between them, that is to rely on the headset speaker sound driver moving parts.

The group of scientists from Tsinghua University, have benn develop the new headset – headset carbon nanotubes – and its voice in the process without moving internal parts, but by the thermoacoustic effect refers to the headphones through the expansion and contraction of air to produce sound.

Under normal circumstances, the use of cutting-edge technology, new product cost will be very expensive, but according to reports provided by the scientists learned that the cost of carbon nanotubes headphones will be quite reasonable.

For headphone buyers, its quality than it uses technology will have to become more important. Unfortunately, scientists have not been mentioned in the report with the thermoacoustic effect of this headset is capable of producing sound levels that enthusiasts.

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