The leaked image of Apple iPad 5 is exposure

by Rosgani 0


According to news, Apple will unveil the new two tablets at the end of this month. But if the news is wrong, it is likely Apple will release the iPad 5 only to the market.

Getting closer to the time of the announcement, we found another leaked pciture that appear on the web. Is now we found a high resolution picture of back casing of the new iPad 5 in space gray color cast. This picture is same with the leaked picture that revealed recently, while we also heard that the new iPad 5 will has new color.

The new iPad 5 is also rumored that will bring a new design, the major design has changes since Apple release the iPad 2. Let's wait for the official announcement of new Apple's tablet on Octyober 22nd this year.
iPad5-02 iPad5-03 iPad5-04 iPad5-05