MediaTek will release true eight-core processor on November 20th

by Rosgani 0



The true eight-core processor is finally released, MediaTek will release the most historycal event on November 20th, on that event MediaTek will announced tehir new eight-core processor MT6592.

MediaTek has been sucessfully to produce powerfull mobile processor and interestingly, their products is offers with more affordable price than others, and now many popular smartphone manufacturer is also ready to addopt MediaTek chipset in their products.

Current octa-core processors built on ARM’s BIG.little architecture simultaneously “only” use four cores. MediaTek’s octa-core processor will use all eight cores simultaneously. Given that it will use Cortex A7 cores, it will likely be among the fastest SoCs on the market today but it should still deliver decent performance and be kind to the battery at the same time in the mid-range market.

The new MT6592 uses a quad-core MALI-450 megapixel graphics processor, a more advanced 28nm HPM process, the main frequency peak value of 2GHz, thats enable for playing games, watch video and web browsing and other multi-tasking to provide better experience to the user.