Hibtek Bluetooth Laser Keyboard Hands-on

by Shine Wong 0

bluetooth laser keyboard

In mobile device field, most devices own a touch screen, but it is inconvenient with a physical keyboard. Maybe this mini bluetooth laser projection keyboard is a funny and useful gadget for your iPad or mobile.

Main features of Hibtek Bluetooth Laser Projection Keyboard:

  • The projection keyboard appears to your computer or mobile as a standard keyboard or touchpad, communicating via USB wired use or Bluetooth for wireless use.
  • No drivers are needed
  • The experience of typing on a projected keyboard is different than a standard keyboard. Projects a condensed QWERTY layout. The projection keyboard detects movement just above the surface of each projected key.
  • compatible with any operating system supporting the USB HID class or Bluetooth HID profile
  • Support brilliance control and volume adjustment
  • Runs for up to 200 minutes of continuous typing when wireless

This mini bluetooth laser keyboard is $83.99 on Anybuying.com.