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Goophone N3 MediaTek MT6592 8-Cores Phone Full Review Video (HD)

by Shine Wong 4

Goophone N3 review

Goophone N3 is released yesterday, we have gotten the sample, and make a pre-review video as soon as possible. You will know how fast 8-core MTK MT6592 processor is. Just watch it and leave your comments.

Here is Goophone N3 review video:

Goophone N3 main specs:

* 5.7-inch FHD 1080P screen, 1920*1080 pixel display
* 1.7GHz MTK MT6592 octa-core processor
* 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, support expand microSD card
* 13MP rear camera with LED flash light, 5MP front camera
* Android 4.2 OS, with Google Play

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  • homeau

    Send me a goddamn sample too

  • Guest

    Where can I buy this phone?

  • iMat2.9

    When will this be available, and from where can it be purchased?

  • talon1812

    I bought mine from Ibaby88 on DHGate. The one I ordered came with 32 GB rom, s-pen, Samsung logos on front and back. The ONLY negative is it doesn’t support wireless charging. I’ve bought 2 wireless receivers and neither work when plugged into the phone. Now, they’re advertising it with 1 GB ram. Mine came with 2GB and 32 GB rom, although it was advertised a 16 GB. The phone is VERY solid, well-made and does NOT feel cheap, as many clones do.