Here is the explain, why Huawei Honor 3X is using 720p instead of 1080p

by Rosgani 1


Huawei has been officially launching the new Huawei Honor 3X in China. This phone is only packs with 720 pixel resolution and did not using 1080 pixel, it’s hard to understand why they didn’t packs their new phone with high resolution screen?.

Huawei CEO Yu Chengdong has an answer that the new Huawei Hononr 3X is emphasizing th euser experience rather than specification. The Huawei honor 3X. The screen of Huawei 3X is built based-on poly-silicon technology that has very low temerature. And with this technology the Honor 3X will offers a better and smoother user experience, as long as the 720p is using less power consumption

Yu is also said, there is no many difference between 720p and 1080p on the smartphone screen. And the important point is the low consumption, while the 720p is 20 more lower power than 1080p.
Huawei Honor 3X is powered by MediaTek MT6592 true octa-core processor.

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